Shyra Sanchez is the co-founder of ShyFit, a line of sportswear and lifestyle products for the new generation.

Shyra’s brand represents MORE than activewear. She became discouraged by the lack of fitness wear for men and women that share her own lifestyle that encompasses beauty, functionality and comfort. Never Shy to take a bold step forward, she started designing clothing to reflect her busy life on the go. Style was very important so Shyra took matters into her own hands. She asked her mother to help with sewing and creating her own outfits. Her style quickly gained a following. The demand pushed her into creating and developing ShyFit!

These are just a few words to describe the spirit of the mesmerizing woman that started ShyFit. Her empathy & compassion highlights her confident ability to cross all demographic barriers.

Shyra is writing her blueprint with the world appeal and leaving her fingerprint on everything she touches. She has always been involved in helping and nurturing others. Her philosophy is "they may not remember my name, but they will never forget who I am!" Shyra believes that miracles are a direct result of strong constitution and a good attitude. “ You are blessed by being a blessing.” This woman of many talents is sure to take you to another world because she is not afraid to show who she is and what she believes. Between her passion for music and fashion, she is definitely the next fresh face and a new icon in the industry.

Thank you for your support. Please join ShyFit on this wonderful journey in creating a better world!


Shyra Sanchez