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Shyfit Cardio Workout

The concept of ShyFit Training & Cardio Jam is to alternate resistance between light and heavy weight with core and yoga while moving through the hour workout.

ShyFit cardio with weights is not your normal fitness class. This class breaks down the art of engaging the core with dancing and weights. We focus a lot on core training which is where your body’s health and energy comes from. You can develop the technique of obtaining a strong core while optimizing your best potential which leads to a Stronger, Healthier You! We also use different segmented strategies to keep you motivated and emphasize encouragement. You will walk away stretched out and trained out. ShyFit Cardio Workouts combine all forms of movement, weights, yoga and sometimes bands and balls. It is a great all-around workout.

Single Classes $40.00 (One Hour Session)

Unlimited Classes Monday thru Friday ($250/month)